Top of DanceSport - 17 Dec 2023

The Grand Prix of Merano is one of the most significant events in the panorama of International Dance, returns after two years of break due to the covid pandemy, in the halls of Kurhaus to celebrate its 26th edition.

In previous editions the picturesque Kursaal hosted the World Championship Over 35 of the Professional Division (2012), as well as the World Championships Over 18 Professional Division for the disciplines Show Dance Standard and Show Dance Latin (2013).

For 2023 the festival is organized by the dance sport associations Sinny Dance and Energy Dance Merano, offering thrilling entertainment with a traditional Christmas Team Match consisting of a friendly team comparison with some of the best couples in the dance world..

As every year the program has been planned to allow those who come from afar to spend a bit ‘of time to sightsee this beautiful town, Merano is know by many as the jewel of South Tyrol, were there are a wide range of activities and holiday offers, such as the brand new spa facilities.

For lovers of dance Merano is an event not to be missed, in fact, the Kursaal, the main hall of the event, has always seen the best of Dance Sport, and many of the greatest champions of all time have danced on this very floors, and according to everyone of this dancers said the historic atmosphere and stylish spaces has always proved to be ideal for every occasion.

The tutors of the event, Marina Ferrari, Andrea Rizzo and Renate Sembianti with the support of local authorities such as; the town of Merano, Trentino-Alto Adige region and the azienda di soggiorno. We hope that this 26th Grand Prix of Merano proves to be a special time, renewing the invitation to all lovers of dance sport and dance in general on the 17th of December 2023 to spend together for a few hours of great entertainment.

The organizers of the GP Merano